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To All Marylanders, Welcome to CHRIS CHAFFEE FOR US SENATE    
My name is Chris Chaffee. I am running for the US Senate seat May 14 upcoming 2024 Election.
I want your Vote. “CHAFFEE FOR US SENATE” 
I would like to thank you for your support in 2022, and will work hard to represent Maryland. I am the son of a veteran, a husband, father, and grandfather. I am a Catholic, and an American Patriot. I am a lifelong Maryland resident. We have raised our daughters in public schools and love where we live. I am very invested in serving and protecting the customs, traditions, and culture of our beautiful state.
As a small farmer in Southern Maryland, I know how hard it is for farmers in America and would like to help any way I can. I am a small general contractor and know the sacrifices it takes to own a business in any state in America. We must get the government out of the way. We need to release the government choke-hold it has on all small businesses. I will be looking forward to working  on increased revenue for all phases of working people from the union worker to business owners, farmers to waterman, local, county, state and federal workers.  We need to work together if we want to succeed. 
I am a 2nd amendment supporter. With gun ownership goes responsibility. This means that you cannot be an irresponsible gun owner, especially when children are in the home. Safety locks need to be on your guns. You need to have a copy of the serial numbers of all guns in case of theft.  You need to teach gun safety to all members in the home. Any household needs all family members to be trained in gun safety as well as shooting. Purchasing or owning a gun is not enough.  Pay attention and help any family member that might own a gun, but is experiencing mental issues. This is our responsibility not the police or courts. 
Maryland has twenty-three counties and Baltimore City each with their own amazing amenities. From Baltimore Harbor to the Mountains of Western Maryland to our capital in Annapolis to the beach in Ocean City   Maryland is minutes from Washington DC our nation’s capital. It is a Natural Resource wonderland where we live, work, and enjoy our Chesapeake Bay. This amazing state that we all enjoy is where we have chosen to raise our families.
We are a state filled with farmers, watermen, small business owners, teachers, first responders, professionals, state, and federal workers. We have such an amazing collection of people in our beautiful state.

We cannot thrive with the insanely inflated costs of gas, electric, propane, shipping, and food prices. The prices are so inflated people are living paycheck to paycheck and are unable to invest in their own futures. The high rate of inflation is choking our families and their futures.

America must have and energy policy which works for America. This policy must not benefit foreign nations as it is fueling wars.
This policy must included gas drilling, reopen pipelines, permits for our energy companies, and working together towards energy independence.  This also includes nuclear, reopen our coal plants that have been closed. These actions will bring down the prices of American products.  Americans need help and they are hurting every day by high prices and low profits.

 MILITARY:  We must take care of our Veterans and Military.  We need to ensure they have the best medical and mental health care.  They must never have to wait for these services they so desperatly need.  We have  freedom because they serve and protect it.  Our military must have the best equiptment to protect them and our great nation. We need to manufacture and rebuild and restock our arsenal of weapons, amuntion and equipment that we have been sending overseas.  These exports have weakens our strength, and will prevent us from to protecting our own country.  We need to work to get our veterans off the streets and into permanent housing. 

America cannot survive the invasion at our southern border. Our cities and our schools are being overrun.  We must close the borders and return to legal immigration. From new and old diseases, to not knowing who these people are, and where they are from, what ties they have and with whom?   We cannot allow Washington to fly illegals over the border. This is against the immigration laws we have in place. This practice is very dangerous. We can all do our part. Billions of dollars in goods and services are coming in from Mexico. We can push back on these imports.  If we choose this path, it will send the message to Mexico to respect and enforce our border.  To control their people as we have had enough. If they do not choose to be part of the solution, we can look for another country to manufacture and trade with.   

RETURN LAW ORDER:                                                             
Our streets are becoming increasingly more dangerous.  We probably each know someone who has died from fentanyl or who knows a victim of violence.  We need our law enforcement to be able do their jobs and push the courts to do their jobs. The jobs they were hired or elected to do.
Israel is our ally. We demand the release of the hostages.  We need to facilitate peace talks and diplomatic measures to accomplish this.  Israel is the birthplace of Christ.  He teaches forgiveness and compassion. We can learn from his teachings and move towards a cease fire and peace. Only then can we move on from this war.  We must understand the losses on both sides have been significant. This war was started by evil and hate, it needs to end with compassion, understanding and peace.

America was built and designed to be a free nation. Four years ago we had a lock down and forced closures. Our businesses, schools, and places of worship were forced to close their doors. This caused loss of human life, local, county and state loss of revenue.  Our business were crippled and we lost our freedom and trillions of dollars in our economy. We had forced vaccines as a condition of employment without adequate testing. They never studied the long term affects. As a result, we have unexplained health issues arising in our citizens.            
LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION:  We need to inform our young women of their choices when they find themselves pregnant.  There are thousands of couples who are unable to conceive and would love to adopt. These couples would love to open their hearts and homes to an unplanned child without hesitation. There should be no federal funding for Planned parenthood.

We need to strengthen and protect our US Dollar.  There are countries working to destroy or devalue our currency.  As digital currency competes with our stock market we are entering dangerous waters.  As our corporate world receives less it will be harder for business to survive.                                                                                                                            
TERM LIMITS: are a must if we have any chance of cleaning up corrupt Washington DC. We must force a vote in congress to make all political seats have term limits. 
We need the laws on the books to be enforced before making new laws. The federal government has grown bigger and accomplishes less. We need to make the government slimmer and reduce waste and fraud.
We must return to “WE THE PEOPLE” instead of “We the Politician”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              We need diplomacy and peace for Ukraine and Russia. We do not need more money for death and destruction.  We have the opportunity to design a new Minsk agreement and it is more important than keeping money flowing for bombs.                                                                                                                                                                                   
We must take care of our elderly, because they took care of us and our great nation. The Elderly are living and staying in their homes longer. I would like to work with both county and states to reduce their taxes starting at age 72 or older if they have owned their home for 20 + years. We could do this by charging them no school tax, and no increases on property tax. It would be a thank you for being a responsible homeowner.  
                                                                                                                                                                  BUDGET:   We need to keep Washington funded, but at the same time we must balance our budget. We must stop fraud, waste and abuse. We can slim down our government without hurting programs or security. We all know how fast Washington can spend money so let's challenge them to stop wasting it  From veteran's affairs to education to the iRS to the FBI let's make them better not worse.                                                                                                            Social Security: is earned by being a legal working American. This money is paid by taxing the working individual and their employer. Let us strengthen the life of social security and prohibit our legislators from hurting it.  We need to allow a recipient to make more money before losing benefits, because inflation is causing them hardship. This practice and modification will only strengthen the life of social security.   




Tuesday, March 19, 2024 1:32 PM

Laken Hope Riley

Murder victim Laken Riley.

Friday, March 1, 2024 9:54 PM

Early and Regular Voting

Early Voting

2024 Presidential Primary Election

You can vote in person during early voting. Early voting will be held from Thursday, May 2, 2024 through Thursday, May 9, 2024. Early voting centers will be open from 7 am to 8 pm.

Who can vote early?

Any person that is registered to vote can vote during early voting. Any person that is eligible to register to vote can vote during early voting.

Registered voters have always been able to vote during early voting, but now individuals who are eligible but not yet registered can register and vote.

To register and vote during early voting, go to an early voting center in the county where you live and bring a document that proves where you live. This document can be your MVA-issued license, ID card, or change of address card, or your paycheck, bank statement, utility bill, or other government document with your name and new address. You will be able to register to vote and vote.

When can I vote early?

For the 2024 Presidential Primary Election, early voting will be available from Thursday, May 2, 2024 through Thursday, May 9, 2024 (including Saturday and Sunday) from 7 am to 8 pm.

Where can I vote early?

For both the 2024 Presidential Primary and General Elections, you can vote in an early voting center in the county where you live. The list of early voting centers will be posted when available.

How will I vote during early voting?

Voting during early voting is the same as voting on election day. When you get to the early voting center, you will check in to vote and vote your ballot.

There will be instructions available at the early voting centers to familiarize you with the ballot. You may ask an election judge to explain how to vote, but you must cast your vote alone, unless you are unable to do so because you have a disability or are unable to read or write the English language.

I'm registered to vote, but I need to make a change. Can I make that change during early voting?

It depends.

If you moved, you can update your address. You will be able to change your address and vote.

If you want to change your party affiliation, you can't do that at an early voting center. You must wait until after the election to change your party affiliation.

If you changed your name, you must vote under your former name, but you can fill out a form with your new name. Your name will be updated after the election.

Other early voting information

  • At the end of each day of early voting, all voting equipment and other election supplies will be secured at the early voting center. The local boards of elections are required to file a security plan for each early voting center, and the plans will include information on how the equipment and supplies will be secured at the center. Voted provisional ballots will be returned to the local board of elections each night of early voting. After voting hours on the last day of early voting, all equipment and supplies will be returned to the local board of elections and securely stored until election day.

  • Election Law Article, § 10-301.1(b), Annotated Code of Maryland, specifies the number of early voting centers for each county. The number of early voting centers in a county is based on the county's number of registered voters.

    • Counties with fewer than 50,000 registered voters must have 1 early voting center.
    • Counties with at least 50,000 but fewer than 100,000 registered voters must have 2 early voting centers.
    • Counties with at least 100,000 registered voters but fewer than 200,000 registered voters must have 3 early voting centers.
    • Counties with at least 200,000 registered voters but fewer than 300,000 registered voters must have 5 early voting centers
    • Counties with at least 300,000 registered voters but fewer than 400,000 registered voters must have 7 early voting centers.
    • Counties with at least 400,000 registered voters but fewer than 500,000 registered voters must have 9 early voting centers
    • Counties with at least 500,000 registered voters but fewer than 600,000 registered voters must have 11 early voting centers.
    • Counties with more than 600,000 registered voters must have 13 early voting centers.
    • In addition to the required number of early voting centers, each county may establish one additional early voting center if the local board, the governing body of the county, and the State Board agree to establish an additional early voting center.

  • State regulations require that the State Board of Elections determine the number of registered voters and provide each county with the number of early voting centers that are required for an upcoming election. For the 2024 elections, the number of registered voters will be reviewed on November 14, 2023, or 6 months before the primary election, will be used to determine the number of early voting centers for the 2024 elections.

Early Voting Legislation

  • In 2007, the Maryland General Assembly approved a constitutional amendment that, upon approval by the voters of Maryland, would give the General Assembly the authority to enact legislation authorizing voting before election day. See Chapter 513 (Senate Bill 1) of the 2007 Legislative Session. The proposed constitutional amendment was on the ballot in the 2008 General Election. See Question 1 for the language of the ballot question. The voters of Maryland approved this constitutional amendment, and the Constitution of Maryland was amended to reflect this change.

  • In 2009, legislation was enacted that established the requirements for early voting and required early voting starting with the 2010 elections. See Chapter 445 (House Bill 1179) of the 2009 Legislative Session.

  • In 2013, legislation was enacted that expanded the number of early voting centers and the number of days. See chapter 157 and chapter 158 (Senate Bill 279 and House Bill 224) of the 2013 legislative session.

  • In 2016, legislation was enacted that expanded the number of early voting centers. See Chapter 7  (House Bill 204) and Chapter 288 (House Bill 1008) of the 2016 Legislative Session. 

  • In 2019, legislation was enacted that expanded the number of early voting centers. See Chapter 539 (House Bill 237) of the 2019 Legislative Session.

  • In 2021, legislation was enacted that expanded the hours of early voting for all elections. See Chapter 659 and Chapter 660 (Senate Bill 596 and House Bill 206) of the 2021 Legislative Session.

  • In 2021, legislation was enacted that expanded the number of early voting centers. See Chapter 43 (House Bill 745) of the 2021 Legislative Session.
Early Voting Logo
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Friday, March 1, 2024 9:52 PM

Gas Prices


Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel E85
Current Avg. $3.331 $3.772 $4.112 $4.065 $2.709
Yesterday Avg. $3.319 $3.754 $4.095 $4.069 $2.685
Week Ago Avg. $3.267 $3.715 $4.051 $4.090 $2.660
Month Ago Avg. $3.150 $3.601 $3.937 $3.937 $2.513
Year Ago Avg. $3.359 $3.785 $4.107 $4.400 $2.722


Price Date
Regular Unleaded $5.016 6/14/22
Diesel $5.816 6/19/22


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Friday, March 1, 2024 9:25 PM

Secure the Southern Border the death of a 2 year old is inexcusable

Twice deported Illegal immigrant arrested and charged with first and second degree murder.


The loss of this young life was totally unnecessary.  The laws on the books should have prevented this illegal immigrant from re-entering the US. 

It is the job of our elected officials to prevent these deaths. 

ICE called for Salvadoran illegal immigrant to be deported twice before shooting death of 2-year-old

Nilson Trejo-Granados, 25, was arrested Monday and charged with first- and second-degree murder in the death of Jeremy Poou Caceres Feb. 8

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 12:00 AM

Roa vs Wade

A great day for the unborn children they get there voices heard across America roa vs  wade overturned never thought we would take 65 million babies away from life thank you for returning the unborn rights . This will return to the states and some states will take it one way other will take it towards life . God Wins . 

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